Itinerary, March 3-7

Thu March 3Fri March 4Sat March 5Sun March 6Mon March 7
Mornings10:15 meet @ Barn 10:45 Depart for CAKArrive: 8:20am Brussels, BelgiumPrayer and briefing, WawelTravel to Dąbrowa Worship service David preachingMinistry
ObiadNext to hotelPolish families
AfternoonDepart CAK 1:14 pm to Atlanta Delta #5574Depart 12:10 pm Brussels Airlines #2547
Arrive KRK: 2:15 pm
Wawel and if desired, Jewish quartersIn Polish homesMinistry
KolacjaArielChurch or homes
EveningDepart 5:30 pm
Delta Air Lines 80
Siteseeing in Old TowmConcert at Ariel restaurantPrayer and briefingWomen's meeting
RoomGlobtroterGlobtroterChurch in DąbrowaChurch in Dąbrowa


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    We appreciate you sharing this detailed itinerary and giving everyone a glimpse into your planned activities. We're all excited to follow your journey and learn about your experiences in Poland. Safe travels and a meaningful trip to you and your team
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