SO MUCH to do before we leave

Dr. Welling and Dr. Entwistle are writing and grading exams, students are writing papers and getting ready for mid-terms, and we're leaving Thursday!  Everything is coming together, but I think we will all enjoy the boredom of being on a plane!


  1. The team, very excited and a little nervous, just left for the airport. Everything is off to a smooth start...

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  3. It sounds like a busy time leading up to your trip to Poland! It's impressive that you're all managing to balance wrapping up exams and assignments with the excitement of your upcoming trip.

    While I wouldn't call being on a plane "boring," it's understandable that a break from the usual routine might be welcome after such a busy period. We hope you enjoy the opportunity to relax and recharge on the flight.

    We're all eagerly waiting to hear about your experiences in Poland. Safe travels and have a wonderful trip
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