Farewell to Poland

If all goes as planned, this will be our last update from Poland.  Today we traveled to UKSW where Dr. E. gave a presentation, and then we participated in a psychology class with Polish students who had created a presentation for us that involved lots of interaction between Polish and Malone students.  One of our team said this was her favorite part of the trip.  Two of our troupe missed out because they weren't feeling 100%, and opted to stay at the hotel with Betty Orr.  They were able to meet up with us later in the afternoon in Old Town, though one of them is still dragging a bit, but is okay.  Emilia, a native of Warsawa, gave us an incredibly informative tour through Old Town, which was completely rebuilt to look like the centuries old city after being totally destroyed in WW-II.  We gave everyone a few hours to explore on their own, and then met for our last meal.  We ate at a traditional Polish restaurant and had a wonderful gastronomic experience called "The Pig Trough."  Basically, they put everything on the menu into one, long wooden trough which we all shared.  We were joined by Jennifer (from Ohio) and Michael (from India) who work at the International Christian Church in Warsaw.  Most of us headed back to the hotel, but a few of us went to Jennifer's home (accompanied by Michael and Jonathan, who will bring them back to the hotel a little later).

Taxis at 4:45 am to take us to the airport.  Time for bed!!!  Grace and peace to you all,

Dr. E.


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