Greetings from... Atlanta!

Thanks to my purchase of a $2.14 cup of coffee at Sojourner's Cafe next to our gate, I have Internet access.  Our flight from CAK was uneventful, and our three "newbie" fliers survived.  I have bribery-quality video footage of Amber anticipating her first take off.  For those of you who don't know, the 14 of us who are physically on this trip have added a "virtual" member to our team.  Mike Leburg, an old college friend of mine, was added to our facebook group by a fortuitous accident (I hit the wrong key on the computer!), and we're keeping Mike with us in spirit, as he and many others pray for us.  So far, our spirits are good, no one has been lost, and the skies are clear.  Hopefully I'll be able to give a quick update from Brussells if I can get an Internet connection.  Best, Dr. E., Dr. W., Connie, Karen, Carrie, Brooke, Katie, Kim, Dusty, Amber, Damaris, Sam, Adrienne, Kristin, and "Virtual Mike"


  1. Please be kind to Amber, she has lived a very sheltered life in Bolivar!!! Safe travels!

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