Wieliczka & Graceland (No, not the one with Elvis...)

Today we went through the Wieliczka Salt mine which has been continuously mined since the 13th century.  It is full of statuary, cathedrals, and wall carvings that were made by ordinary miners over the past 700 years.  Our tour took over two hours, walking through four kilometers of tunnels and caverns to a depth of 335 meters below ground.  We had soup for lunch in a restaurant at the end of the tour in an underground cavern, and then took a mining elevator to the surface, with nine people in an elevator that was about three feet by seven feet in almost complete darkness for about 90 seconds – if you’ve got claustrophobia – oh well!

Afterwards, we drove to a Polish grocery store (think Sam’s Club on steroids).  We then went to Graceland, a ministry that uses English language classes to share the gospel.  We worked with a group of high school students, and then with adults.  We also had some time to process what we’ve been learning so far.

We got back to the hotel rather late, and need to head out early.  So far, we are well, a bit tired, but mostly in good spirits and enjoying seeing the beauty of God’s creation, whether in the rolling hills around Krakow, or 335 meters underground, and enjoying the differences of a wonderful culture and country. ~ Dr. E.


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