Welcome to the 2018 Malone Poland Service Learning Team (PSLiT) Blog Site!!!

My name is Dr. David Entwistle. Dr. Greg Miller and I are leading the 2018 Malone Poland Service Learning Team (PSLiT). We are excited to have a really solid group of people on our team: Christina, Dominick, George, Julia, Leah, Olivia, and Tori. I have been to Poland about a dozen times since first going there in 2005. The first Malone team worked with some Canadian missionaries that I had met at the church I attended, and that connection led to other connections with Polish church leaders and a University in Warsaw where I had the privilege of being a visiting professor.
Our team this year will work with my good friend, Daniel, who is the pastor of a Polish church, Kościół Chrystusowy w RP, in Sosnowiec, Poland. We anticipate that we will help with painting and perhaps some small construction projects at the church, as well as helping a local English teacher so that her students can practice conversational English with native English speakers. We will also return to the University where I was a visiting professor and interact with Polish university students.
Malone Service Learning Teams strive both to serve others and to learn about their lives and their culture. For us, this means that we will plan on exploring Krakow and Warsaw as well as going to museums about Poland's history and culture, ranging from the Auschwitz concentration camp to cathedrals and castles.
Thank you for your interest in our team. We will try to post daily updates from March 1-10. We especially ask that you pray for our time to be useful as we worship and serve with our Polish brothers and sisters, and as we travel far from home. z Bogiem, Dr. E.


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  18. Nice comment for Dr. Entwistle's article:
    Dr. Entwistle and Dr. Miller, it's wonderful to learn about the 2018 Malone Poland Service Learning Team (PSLiT)! The team members - Christina, Dominick, George, Julia, Leah, Olivia, and Tori - sound like a fantastic group ready for an enriching experience.

    Your personal connection to Poland, starting in 2005, adds a special layer to the trip. It's inspiring to hear how your initial encounter led to lasting connections with churches, universities, and individuals in the country.

    The team's planned activities at the church, with Daniel, and with English language students sound impactful and culturally immersive. Engaging with university students in Warsaw further broadens the learning opportunities.

    The Malone Service Learning Team's dual focus on service and cultural understanding is truly commendable. Exploring Krakow, Warsaw, and diverse historical sites alongside service projects is a well-rounded approach.

    Thank you for offering daily updates from March 1-10. We will be following your journey with interest and keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. May your time be filled with meaningful service, cultural exploration, and lasting connections with your Polish counterparts.

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