Today we had a full day of serving the Lord in a couple different ways. The day started with our typical breakfast of sandwiches, sausage, cucumbers, and tomatoes. After breakfast we began work on the church where different people completed jobs of plastering walls, painting railing, general cleaning of the church, and staining wood. We were all starving by the time that lunch came around and some of the nice ladies from the church made us a delicious meal. It was one of my favorite meals yet. We had potatoes, salad, and breaded chicken. We hung around after lunch with Pastor Daniel’s family and went back to the hotel to freshen up. Afterwards we went into the city portion of Sosnowiec to go to a coffee shop. Unfortunately, we were unable to go serve at the school like we had previously planned due to concerns over COVID-19 but Kasia, a teacher from the school, invited us for coffee. A group of students met us and we had the best time talking about differences in Polish and American culture. We also got to try Polish iced coffees, lattes, and a milk drink called Babychino. Overall, it was an incredible day serving the church and building relationships with students who will hopefully come to our game night hosted by the church Tuesday night. We all loved building relationships with the students and look forward to hanging out with them again!


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