Sunday in Sosnowiec

This is just a quick entry given that it is already late as we are getting back to our hostel.  We began the day with our normal routine of a brief devotional liturgy, and then headed to the church for a typical Polish breakfast of cold cuts, cheese, bread, sausages, yogurts, coffee, tea, and juice.  After cleaning up after breakfast, we enjoyed a two-hour long service, with lots of singing.  Some of us tried singing in Polish, and some of us sang familiar songs in English.  Our team sang a couple of songs in English, and many of the Polish people joined us.  Dr. Entwistle preached a sermon on running the spiritual race, setting aside the things that can trip us up or slow us down, and following Christ based on a variety of passages.  After the service, we all split up in pairs to go to the homes of Polish people who fed us wonderful Polish meals.  In the evening we returned to the church for more food and to debrief from the day.  Tomorrow we plan to do some more work at the church, repairing some damaged walls in the stairway, painting, and hopefully doing some outside work if the weather cooperates. Dr E

From Dr M:
This morning, we got the opportunity to worship with Daniel’s church.  Though the service was in Polish, it was clear to our students that God was moving. There were many songs they recognized, and were able to sing in English, but more than that, they were able to see God at work even though they couldn’t understand what was being said.  Daniel gave our students the opportunity to lead two songs in worship before Dr. Entwistle gave the sermon.  For many of our students, this was the first time they sat through a nearly two hour long worship service, let alone one they couldn’t understand.  But our students said tonight during our debrief that they could feel the Spirit moving, that they better understood what heaven would be like with all nations, tribes and tongues praising God, and that the service sparked for them a light that they would take back home with them. 
After church, our students split up into groups of two to go to church family’s homes for lunch and time to get to know them.  Many of them tried new foods, walked in parks, toured castles or museums, played games or just sat and talked.  When the students came back together tonight, it was with much excitement that they shared about their time together.  Some of them already have been sent pictures from their host families, and have been invited to come back and stay with them.  Our students got the opportunity today to experience Polish culture, food, worship, and so much more.  We are grateful for these things, and so many more. 
(A note from Dr. M)  Dr. E and I are so incredibly proud of our students and the work that they are doing here.  God is changing hearts and moving in ways that we can’t even begin to understand.  Despite some of the difficulties in getting to Poland, there is no place we would rather be right now.  We are right where God has called us to be, and we will continue to learn, serve, and grow in the remainder of our time here.  


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