Two weeks from today...

My in-box has seen an uptick in traffic from Poland in the last few days.  Unlike American culture, Polish people often work out their plans later in the game.  So, we're now getting some inklings of how the fluid plans will develop.  We've changed some details on siteseeing in Warsaw (part of Wawel Castle will be closed), working out a rough plan for educational opportunities at UKSW, and possibly arranging a walking tour through Old Town Warsaw with a friend of mine who is a native Warwawian (which, by the way, is pronouced, "Var - sav - i - en").

We're also finishing up on our fundraising.  We're not there yet, but we're getting close!  Thanks for the many ways that you have supported our team.  Oh - and feel free to pass this link along to anyone who might want to follow along.  Hopefully, two weeks from now, you'll be reading updates from our flights!  For all of our team, Dr. E.


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