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Safely arrived Brussels and at our gate for our flight to Chicago.

4:15 a.m., Warsawa

Getting up and preparing for an anticipated 24 hour trip home.

Last night in Warsaw

Today we went to UKSW where Dr. Entwistle gave a lecture to the university students. We were treated to lunch at the university and then spent the afternoon and evening exploring Warsaw. Tomorrow we get in taxis at 5:00 a.m. to start the 24 hour trip home. What a wonderful opportunity we have had to experience God's world and to make a small difference along the way.

Farewell Sosnowiec, Hello Warsawa

Today we bid sad goodbyes to our host families and new friends in Sosnowiec, and boarded a high speed train to Warsawa. When we got there, we worked our way to our hostel, stowed our luggage, and enjoyed a meal and walking around Warsaw's Old Town. Over 80% of the city was completely destroyed after WW-2 and later the Old Town was rebuilt to look exactly like it did before the war. At dinner we laughed, told stories, and processed our experiences so far. What a wonderful group this is, and what amazing experiences we have had. (Sadly, I only got half of Christina in this picture :(

Monday and Tuesday, work and play

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Tuesday in Sosnowiec

Today the students went to a school to help Polish students practice conversational English and then toured Bedzin Castle and an overgrown Jewish cemetery. Over 60% of Bedzin's population was Jewish, and nearly all of them were killed ther or in Auschwitz. Only a few were saved, hidden in tunnels beneath the castle and the local Roman Catholic Church. Sadly, there is almost nothing to commemorate their lives or there history, much of it intentionally erased under communism. For instance, the communists put a major road through the Jewish quarter, and a roundabout through the site of the synagogue. The group is really close, works well together, and is enjoying lots of laughter, food, and good conversation. Goodnight from Poland!

Monday Service Projects

Today we split up into two groups at the church. The ladies took on the task of painting a Sunday School room, while the guys took on the task of preparing the floor of the church addition by smoothing out the concrete with pneumatic hammer/chisels and laying down styrofoam layers, onto which a radiant floor with more concrete will be installed. Unfortunately, out iPad can't connect to the Internet, so we can only share a few painting pics. We are all tired, but getting along well and very happy to be making new friends.

Sunday in Sosnowiec

> We were split up in twos and threes between host families last night but joined together at church today. We enjoyed hearing familiar worship tunes sung in the very different sounds of the Polish language. After church we separated again with our host families, and tomorrow will return to the church to paint and to work on preparing the floor in the new sanctuary for the next phase of construction.


Wonderful day in Krakow seeing Wawel Cathedral, St. Mary's Basilica, and the Cloth Market. Some of us also went tsee Jagiellonian University, dating to the 1300' but all of us ate very well. Dr. Entwistle's friend Daniel picked us up and took us to Sosnowiec. We are staying in local homes for the next few days. All of us are doing very well and are looking forward to attending church tomorrow.

Krakow arrival



Quick trip to downtown Zurich (Thanks to Dr. Miller's knowledge of the city!). Now at airport and getting ready to fly to Poland!


Safely arrived at O'Hare and waiting for our flight.