Krashing in Kracow

We arrived safely in Krakow at about 2:30 this afternoon.  We were surprised to find that the Krakow airport is actually quite small - smaller, in fact, than the Akron Canton Airport.  We walked down stairs to the tarmac, road a bus to the terminal, collected our luggage, and headed for passport control.  No one was there, so we entered Poland without anyone looking at our passports!  We then saw a man named Pavel holding a sign, "Malone University."  He said, "You are fourteen?"  So the 14 of us followed him to a Mercedes taxi bus and trusted that he knew what he was doing, and twenty minutes later were checking into our hotel and meeting Betty Orr and Jonathan Watland, our local hosts.  We ate a wonderful dinner and then split into groups to explore the city.  I'll attach a few photos before Krashing in Krakow.  (I'm going on 45 hours with only about 15 minutes of sleep, so the bed is calling.)  We are all safe and soon to be asleep!


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