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Hello Friends!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day. I can hardly put into words all of the amazing things that have happened this week. Our team has been growing together in ways that I could have never imagined. It's hard to believe that a few short months ago we didn't even know each other and now we act and feel as though we are a family.

Today was a day of ministry and I couldn't be more excited about how it played out. Half of the team was outside while half of the team was inside. The outside group started out by wandering around the block  and picking up a bunch of garbage. Then we moved on to clearing out the shrubbery around the church. The inside crew cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and made the church look lovely. The day was full of good conversation and a lot of laughing. I'm convinced we have the funniest group of students from Malone. I was told that I had to include in this that a good bit of the laughing came from Dusty's impersonation of Luke Taylor's laugh. He does it perfectly and it's brought a great deal of comic relief to us all.

There's something about serving together that brings people together. We've learned so much about ourselves, about God, and about the way he works this week. Tonight we got to hear Jarek's testimony. He is the pastor of the church we are staying at and it was such a blessing to hear his heart. Don translated for us and we were all flabbergasted as he told us about his grandfathers both dying during the initial invasion of Poland by Germany, of living under communism, and of the many ways God has worked in his life. I was so in awe of the passion he has for God and the sincerity of his heart. It blows me away how big God is, yet how intimately He is working in all parts of the world. We are just a group of kids from Malone whom God picked to go to Poland. I will never fully understand why he picked me, but I'll always be grateful.

It means the world to us that you've joined us on this trip through financial support and prayer. Please know what a blessing you have been. Thank you for contining to lift us up in prayer. I have been so blessed by the people on this team as well as the people we have met here in Poland. We are so excited to think about sharing all of our stories when we return home, just as the Polish people have shared their stories with us.

Be blessed tonight and trust that God is at work. No matter how small the deed or how difficult it has been to communicate across language barriers, we know that God's glory will be revealed. I'll be seeing you soon.

In Christ,



  1. So glad that I can be participating in this trip from afar! You have a great team of leaders in Poland that you are serving - Jarek, Daniel, Don, and Betty and so many others - and I know that they appreciate all that you are doing for them. May God richly bless your team and those you are working with. Prayers go with you!

    Make sure you try some flaki!! :)

  2. t sounds like an incredibly rewarding and transformative week in Poland! It's heartwarming to hear how your team has grown together like a family, and how serving others has brought you closer together.

    The descriptions of cleaning up the church grounds and Jarek's powerful testimony paint a picture of meaningful experiences and spiritual growth. It's evident that everyone involved has been deeply impacted by the trip.

    Your gratitude for the financial support and prayers is touching, and it's clear that you appreciate the impact of those contributions. Sharing your stories upon returning home is a wonderful way to connect with others and spread the positive experiences you've had.

    Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your journey. We continue to keep you in our prayers and look forward to hearing more about your experiences when you return
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