On the Road Again...

(Posted by Rachel) – Shocker of shockers! Today the team was actually able to sleep in (sleep? what is that luxury?).  After a restful night and relaxed traditional Polish breakfast – of sandwiches and sausage – our team packed our bags and hit the road. We attended church in Sosnowiec, a church pastored by Daniel.  Don Orr delivered the message in English, and used a translator to re-convey the message in Polish (though Don’s Polish is excellent).  Once again, we experienced something incredible – a unity in Christ that goes beyond the bounds of language and culture.  Though we are so different, the God that we praise is the same.  How great is Yahweh!

After church we bid Daniel and his sweet family goodbye after sharing an incredible Polish buffet.  We then drove from Sosnowiec to Krakow, and attended another service at Graceland Language School, where a young man from Ukraine (who speaks 5 languages!) led a nice discussion about dealing with temptation, based on the life of Joseph.  After the service, we traveled to the Jewish District of Krakow and saw some filming locations from the movie Schindler’s List.  We ate a delicious meal at a local place which would be translated as Pizza Factory.  We and returned – tired but content – to our comfy hotel.  Today we experienced yet another fantastic day, full of the beginnings of many new relationships.

(Note from Dr. E.: All of our injured are mending well.  Thank you for your prayers on our behalf!)


  1. Thankful the girls are ok and healing ! Wow your experiencing so many wonderful things , such a blessing . I do agree there is no language barrier when it comes to God and praising him .Continued safe travels !

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