Monday in Vienna

Today was a very eventful day. The team woke up to have a wonderful Austrian breakfast which includes: a variety of bread, sandwich meat, yogurt, fruit, and much, much more! Shortly after breakfast we headed to the Viktor Frankl museum which included a lecture from a wonderful lady who was very intelligent and well-educated on Frankl’s theory. After listening to the lecture the team headed to a little café near the next museum. At the café the team ordered a number of different soups including: tomato, lentil, and spinach. The team had to eat quickly in order to meet the appointment time at the Alfred Adler museum. There they sat in a circle and listened to a lecture by another well-educated lady. She told the team all about Alfred Adler and his encounter with Sigmund Freud and Individual Psychology. When the team left the last lecture, they headed to New City Wien, the church in Vienna, to help with the church’s English Café. The English Café is designed for individuals to come from the community to speak in English with one another. It was a great experience. Not too many people came, but the ones who did definitely made a lasting impression. Finally, on the way home from the church, the team stopped at a little fast food stop called Pasta & Café and enjoyed a great pasta dinner. The team concluded the night with a discussion on the day’s activities and expressed their best experience for the day.  Tomorrow, we arise bright and early, hop on the subway to the train station, and then board a train bound for Poland.  – Morgan, Rachel, Katelyn, Melissa, and Ashley T., for the team



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