Sunday in Vienna

Greetings from Dr. Entwistle.  I am sorry to be posting yesterday's update so late.  Our hotel is overrun with guests, and, as a result, the Wi-Fi connection was overwhelmed.  The Malone students are split into two rooms, and this is the update that was written by one of the rooms last night:

Vienna/Austria day 2

This morning we had an Austrian style breakfast at the hotel, which everyone enjoyed. We walked through town to get to the Sigmund Freud museum and happened across a display of keys that belonged to the Jewish families from the area that were displaced or deported from their homes during WWII. At the Freud museum we got to see where he treated his patients and where he wrote some of his theories. We also saw some video clips of Freud interacting with his family and friends (and dog!), which made him seem a bit more human. While sightseeing , we stumbled across an ice skating park with lots of yummy food in front of an old palatial building.  We also saw a beautiful theatre, and got see the Parliament building. Lunch today took place at a Turkish restaurant where almost everyone ordered Huhnerschnitzel (Chicken schnitzel). After a few minor directional difficulties, we made it to New City Wien.  It is a small church that meets in the evenings, and  the Church service was in English and German. It was great to hear people worshiping God side by side in different languages, and it reminded us that the Kingdom of heaven is bigger and more diverse than we often realize.  We were invited to dinner afterwards with church members at a Greek restaurant, where we enjoyed  fellowship, conversation, and more food. Tomorrow we will see a couple more museums, and then return to New City Wien to help with an English Café.   The church hosts events like this as a service to the community, giving people the chance to practice speaking English. Thank you for your prayers and support of our team  – Emily, Ashton, Tiera, and Ashley S. for the group



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