Good flight   to Amsterdam.   No one slept very much, but we were able to get an early check in, so we are all freshening up before heading out on the town with Dr. Rens Filius and his wife Dini.  Dr. Filius and Dr. Entwistle attended grad school together, and will hopefully recognize each other after 25 years!


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  3. It sounds like you're starting your trip in Amsterdam on a positive note, Sarah! Even though the flight might not have offered much sleep, an early check-in certainly helps to make the most of the day. It's exciting to hear that Dr. Entwistle will be reuniting with his grad school friend, Dr. Filius, after such a long time. We hope they have a wonderful time catching up and exploring Amsterdam together! Enjoy your adventures with Dr. Filius and his wife, Dini!
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  4. Sarah, it seems like you're off to a good start when you arrive in Amsterdam! An early check-in helps to make the most of the day, even when the flight may not have provided much sleep. The news that Dr. Entwistle will be seeing his graduate school buddy, Dr. Filius, again after a lengthy separation is thrilling. We wish them a delightful day catching up. I'm really delighted with your fantastic blog post; it offers genuine facts and is quite transparent about the issues at hand. Your webpage is really beneficial. I appreciate you sharing.

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