POLAND Tentative Itinerary - Spring Break (March 2018)

Thursday, 01
9:00 a.m. Depart Malone University
7:15 p.m Depart Chicago to Zurich
Swiss Air LX0009

Friday, 02

10:55 a.m. arrive Zurich
Sightseeing Zurich
5:15 p.m. depart Zurich LX 1370
7:00 p.m. arrive Krakow
Hot chocolate in town square

Saturday, 03
Old Town,
Wawel Cathedral,
St. Mary's Basilica
Travel to Sosnowiec
Stay with host families

Sunday, 04
Worship at Kościół Chrystusowy w RP, Sosnowiec
Stay with host families

Monday, 05
Painting church classroom and pastor’s office
Sosnowiec Jewish sector
Stay with host families

Tuesday, 06
English language classes in local schools with Asia
Stay with host families

Wednesday, 07
Painting at church
Będzin ?
15:00 Auschwitz
Stay with host families

Thursday, 08
Train to WAW
Dept. Sosnowiec Glówny 9:04 a.m.
Arrive Warszawa Centralna 11:15 a.m.
Old Town
Warsaw Uprising Museum
Puffa Hostel

Friday, 09
Łazienki Park
Free evening in Old Town
Puffa Hostel

Saturday, 10
6:40 a.m. SN2560
Warsaw to Brussels Brussels Airlines
8:50 a.m. arrive Brussels
11:05 SN8803
Brussels to Chicago
1:30 p.m. arrive Chicago
10:00 p.m. arrive Malone University


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